Fun With Plasma

After a long Tuesday afternoon of cutting out the top of my table for class by hand, Kevin suggested I use a [plasma cutter]( to roughly cut out the legs, then grind off the excess. It has been about a year since I took my welding class and used the plasma cutter, but I remember how much I loved it. There’s just something exciting about using an electrical charge, gas and compressed air to cut through a thick sheet of steel. Oh, the power! Anyway, the cutter I used at OTC last year had a thicker tip so I was really excited to use a smaller tip a be able to cut more precisely this time. The results were a bit messy and I have some clean up to do, but I cut out four legs in far less time than it took me to cut the table top. Next up: grinding off the excess and shaping the legs. I think I’ll do that next week as I have a planter to make and it should be easy to assemble and solder that at home.

I’m beginning to like my table model and would love to make it life-size someday. I just don’t even want to think how heavy the thing would be! I’ve designed it to be 7 ft. x 4 ft solid steel. Guess I’d have to reinforce the floors.


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2 responses to “Fun With Plasma

  1. Amy

    It would be heavy but practical. My desk at work is a combination of stainless and press board. An odd combo to be sure. I’ve had to be careful though. I burned through two cell phone batteries on the stainless top. For some reason the combination magnetized my battery. It mystified both me and the fine folks at Alltel.

    Beyond that though, it looks cool and is easy to clean up.

  2. Well, I’ll wait and see how this little prototype turns out. So far it’s coming together better than I thought. I’m working on the copper planter today and it’s going well. Now I just cursed myself!

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