Hello, My Name Is…

This weekend Steve and I reintroduced ourselves after a long absence. He was only out of town for four days, but we’ve been spending less and less time together as he’s been traveling we’ve had many social obligations. Friday, Steve had to work in Branson so I went along and passed the time shopping at the outlet mall, which was very disappointing. I managed to spend $20 on underwear for Steve and $13 on a new workout shirt for myself. Whew! Stop the spending insanity! Friday night we had a very nice dinner at D’Arpino’s, one of our favorite mid-priced Italian restaurants. It was a nice way to start the weekend.

Saturday evening we hosted a potluck dinner for friends Sarah, Dennis and Sean and had a fun evening of great food and friendship despite the awful weather. It rained so much that we awoke on Sunday to a wet basement which we haven’t experienced in quite some time. We started the fans and dehumidifier and things are drying out quickly.

Sunday we spent the day together drinking coffee, reading the paper and running errands. We finally solved each other’s problem of anniversary gifts. This year, we bought each other a really nice pair of boots from local retailer PFI Western Wear. Many of you may be shocked that I would shop in a western store, but the truth is that I adore cowboy boots. My faithful Frye Harness boots will still be worn regularly, but now I have a beautiful pair of chocolate, black and turquoise cowboy boots to add to my collection. Steve got a gorgeous pair of chocolate ostrich. We do love taking advantage of a good sale. Yes, it’s a bit unconventional of us to just buy the gifts right in front of each other and wear them immediately, but we had a lot of fun doing it and are now looking forward to a relaxing weekend in KC to celebrate 12 years of marital bliss. It may sound boring, but it’s always a fun time for us.

I have the day off from school today so I’m planning on running errands that didn’t get done yesterday, working in the formerly soggy studio, and doing some laundry. Hope your day is productive too!

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