In Like a Lion

As the saying goes, March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb. Well, the lion roared and out came 8 inches of snow. Yesterday the local weather dudes kept going on and on about how we were going to get all this snow. Now, understand these people have a really bad track record so I don’t put much stock in their “winter storm warnings” and all. However, this time they got it right. We’re snowed in and most schools are cancelled. Of course, MSU is only closed until 1 p.m. which means I still have to show up for studio monitoring at 1. Maybe I’ll get lucky and they’ll close until 3 or something because I sure don’t want to walk over to school in this crap.

Here’s a little glimpse from our front porch and a picture of my great husband taking care of my walking path needs:


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2 responses to “In Like a Lion

  1. Only took about 5 minutes longer than normal to get to work – just took it a bit slower but no problems. And we live on a farm road that hadn’t had much traffic or been plowed! How many snow days do you remember in 13 years at Greenwood?

  2. I remember one snow day when I went to Greenwood and this is the third day MSU has been closed this year. I’m actually glad we’re off today since I didn’t want to trudge over there just to open the studio and have no one show up to work. I’m happily working at home today.

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