Pie In The Sky

Our friend Carrie can make a pie like nobody’s business. A couple of weeks ago, Steve and I were craving her apple pie and called her. Like the good sport she is, the next night she invited us over to share a fresh apple pie. I’m pretty much a sucker for any apple-based desserts, but pie is one of my faves. Last night, Carrie (who gave up dessert for Lent and is now back on the dessert wagon) called to say she’d made her first cherry pie and would like to share. We welcomed her to our house with open mouths and a pot of decaf.

It was heavenly! Sweet and tart, flakey and creamy. The best of all pie worlds. Today I need to figure up my Weight Watchers points to see how much my piece cost me, but I can tell you it was worth every point. Thanks for sharing, Carrie!


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5 responses to “Pie In The Sky

  1. Carrie

    My Mom would be very proud to read this. (Maybe I’ll forward it to her.) Thanks Tammy! It’s always fun to bake for you and Steve. After all, you appreciate the work that goes into the crust!

  2. Crust rocks and yours is one of the best. Maybe I should take a pie baking class from you!

  3. Gregory Holman

    Sometime we should have a strawberry/cream tart vs. apple pie smackdown!

  4. Bring it on! Carrie, what do you think? Up for the challenge?

  5. Carrie

    Oh yeah! You’re going down Holman! (…Oh what am I saying?…a strawberry/cream tart sounds great! Knowing Greg the recipe is probably directly from a patisserie in the heart of Paris. I think I’ll just eat the tart and call it a day.)

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