No Foolin'

Well, it’s April Fool’s Day and life decided to play a joke on me by giving me a nasty cold/virus. I woke up Sunday feeling that little tickle in the back of my throat so I started pumping myself full of vitamins and liquids. Yesterday, I felt bad and spent most of my time sleeping (well, I did go get my hair cut but that was an emergency). Today, I’m completely grounded. My joints ache, my head hurts, I have a fever and I’m incredibly grouchy. The worst part of this? Tonight is the visitation for Mary’s mom and I can’t be there for her. I called Mary and she understood, but it breaks my heart that I can’t be there to give her a hug and let her know I’m there for her. I know Mary understands, but it’s still a bummer.

Guess I’ll spend my day here with my laptop, my latest edition of People magazine (thanks, honey!) and my orange juice. Hope your day is better than mine.

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  1. Cindy

    Feel better – hope you don’t get what i had.

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