On The Mend

Things are almost back to normal here at Chez Kirks. Steve went to work today and I got up before 9 a.m. We’re both still coughing, but feeling much, much better. I don’t remember when I’ve ever been this sick and I hope I don’t experience it again for a long, long time!

I did take some time last week to finish my latest project for school. The assignment was to take a mechanism and create a necklace or bracelet. Mine’s based on a bicycle chain. Here’s a view of it from the top:

And here’s a view from the side where you can see the clasp. It was my first box clasp and it works perfectly!

Today I find out my next assignment. I know it will include powder coating which should be fun. Stay tuned for more adventures in metalsmithing!


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3 responses to “On The Mend

  1. Cindy

    Interesting … but I’m wondering about the scale. Is it big and bulky? Uncomfortable? I wonder what it feels like on. But that’s just me … If it’s really light weight, then it could be very cool.

  2. It is large and heavy – how I like my jewelry. However, it’s just enough too small for me that it’s uncomfortable. Many pieces I make for class have no real intent to be worn, but I was hoping this one would work out. Oh well, I’ll either try to sell it or scrap the silver and use it for casting.

  3. Steve M. and I had the same nonsense—I’m much better but he’s still a bit hobbly-wobbly. Glad to hear you’re back to Red Bee Design–ing (and thanks for sending in that copy!).

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