Clothes Call

I’m officially tired of all my spring/summer fashion choices and the season isn’t even in full swing yet. At first, I thought I’d boycott crop pants and just wear jeans all summer like so many of the teenagers I see. That boycott ended yesterday when temps soared near 80 and the humidity was high. I had to drag out my crops and I was still hot. It’s not that I think crop pants are horrible, I’m just desperate for a new look. I can’t bear to think of going through the entire summer wearing nothing but crop pants and black t-shirts like I did last year. True, I jazzed up my ensemble with cool jewelry and a vast footwear selection, but it was still stale and predictable.

So, what to do? I’m not against skirts, but I don’t like my sweaty thighs touching so they’re out. Shorts are ok (I do have nice legs) but then I have to keep applying self-tanner to my very white legs in order to hide my spider veins. I guess I could throw vanity aside and just present my glaring white limbs to the world sans tanner, but I doubt I’ll do that. *Sigh*.  Guess I’ll just have to wear the crop pants and attempt to find some tops other than my black t-shirts to make my look more exciting.

Ideas, anyone?


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4 responses to “Clothes Call

  1. Cindy

    My legs are practically fluorescent. But I’m wearing a skirt today regardless – I’m calling it the cancer-free look. Works for me … I’m going for the cropped pants. They have become a little boring, but I ditched a bunch of old ones, so I feel totally updated. For this month, anyway. I also like a summer shift. Dilemma, dilemma.

  2. I’ve heard that spandex crop pants look the best. Also, considering wearing white shirts and black bikini top underneath. You’ll be so distracted from people staring you’ll forget all about your thighs!


  3. Miriam

    What about the longer shorts – are they called Bermuda shorts. I’ve found them surprisingly flattering and slimming! As far as the spider veins – if you think about how often do people get low enough to actually see your legs – I’m going with glaring white – it’s chic right…because it’s green…plus there are plenty of pale celebrities who show off their translucent complexions these days!

  4. I could have written this post myself. 🙂 So many people in Austin are able to wear jeans through the summer…it’s still spring, and I can’t do it. I’ve already pulled out the cropped pants, too.

    I’ve been trying to ditch the crops for madras shorts and skirts. After you told me about Vera Wang’s collection at Kohls, I went to check it out (never been to that store before!) and I found a bonanza of print cotton skirts. (Not part of the VW collection.)

    And the self-tanner thing? I just treat it like I’m moisturizing. It makes me feel much better about exposing skin, so it’s just a fact of life in the summer. Also, when I haven’t planned ahead very well and I don’t have time for self-tanner to develop, I use a product by Philosophy called The Big Skinny. It is a great instant bronzer.

    You give me so much fashion advice, I hope I can help you out with self-tanners. I’m totally an expert on that topic. 🙂

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