Well, my final project is done and all I have left is the critique (crit) which is today. First, we’ll start by cleaning the school studio (which is a pit) then continue with the crit at Kevin’s house tonight. Because the crit will take so long (two classes of students), Kevin is trying to make it more enjoyable with a cookout. Which reminds me, I have a cake to bake!

The final project was to incorporate powder coating into the piece. Because powder coating is extremely durable, we were to create something that would celebrate the durability of the coating as well as adding color. I chose to create two sets of rings/pendants that were cast. I started by carving the piece from wax. Once it was cast and cleaned up, I powder coated the pieces. I sanded off areas to create the final look. All pieces are slightly different, including the design carved into them. The idea was to take the core design and break it up over the other pieces. I decided to use red for my color since I liked the contrast. Here’s the group:

Here are just the rings. Yes, they are wearable and are actually comfortable. They fit me (of course).

Here are the necklaces. The round one is 1 1/4″ in diameter and the rectangle is 1 1/2″ high.

And I’m sure you’re dying to know what became of the monkeys. They were made into a charm bracelet for a customer for Mother’s Day. It’s so cute!


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2 responses to “Final(ly)

  1. Carrie

    Wow! Those are so cool!

  2. Very spiffy, Tam, definitely examples of the distinctive TammyStyle that we all heart so much. Though I’m sorry to say that my man-eyes couldn’t immediately distinguish between rings and pendants! Steve is sitting here and says, “I can’t believe you can’t tell a difference,” and now he’s hurried off to the laundry.

    Clearly I need those new prescription glasses! (I’m consulting you on what sort of frames I should get.)

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