The birthday festivities started with a bang tonight with dinner at mom’s. Since it was my day I got to choose the menu and I wanted something different. One of my favorite meals as a kid was taco night when mom would buy flour tortillas from local restaurant, Mexican Villa, and fry them fresh at home. She’d load up the cool 1970s Frankoma Pottery Lazy Susan with all the fixin’s and we’d be ready for dinner. Unfortunately, mom decided to get rid of the Frankoma Lazy Susan so we couldn’t load it up tonight, but everything else was about the same. The taco shells were crisp and fresh, mom shredded white American cheese and we had authentic sauces from the Villa. Dessert was another fave: strawberry pretzel salad. It’s not so much of a salad as it is a tasty dessert dish. Everything was delicious and I’m thinking this just might be a good birthday meal tradition.

Thanks to mom for a great dinner and a relaxing evening together. Also, thanks to mom and Burl for my Cabo cash for October’s trip. Tomorrow’s my actual birthday so let the fun continue!

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