Working 9 to 5

Actually, I worked 10 to 6 yesterday which is the longest day I’ve worked in, oh, about eight years or so. When I worked at AdBuilders I didn’t put in a full day and always took a lunch break. At The Harem, lunch is on the clock, but it’s not rushed or anything so it wasn’t all bad. It was actually a good day. I wore my white linen pants and an embellished charcoal grey t-shirt (both from the store) and a comfortable pair of wedges (also from the store). The day was pretty low-key for me with no surprises. Because I’d worked at an upscale retail store in college, I expected about the same at The Harem and I was right.

I spent the morning doing markdowns (and shopping!) and most of the afternoon floating around learning the ropes. I did fill out and fax my first order which was a little nerve racking because every order is a legal binding agreement so it must be filled out perfectly. Luckily, Kathi looked over my form before I faxed it. I also spent some time in the back checking in new merchandise which is like opening Christmas presents! I did see some new things I liked, but as an employee we have to wait at least a month before buying new stuff. That’s probably for the best as I already have several things on my bill right now and I want to pay it off before buying more.

Today I’m at home and working in the studio. I did some prep work on Sunday so I could turn on the kiln today. Tomorrow I work 12-4 and Thursday is 12-6 so it should be an easy week. 

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