The Long and Winding Road

Mom always told me that good things come to those who wait and I guess it’s true. Don’t let her know I actually listened to her! After three attempts we’re finally under contract with our dream home! Closing date on both houses is October 24 so we have some work to do.  I’m nervous, excited and scared about everything but I know this was meant to be. I had a gut feeling from the very beginning that this house was meant to be ours and I wasn’t about to give up hope unless it sold to someone else.


I went back to a post from March regarding what I wanted in my dream house and compared that list to this house. Things have changed, since the original list was for a Ranch-style home and this one is 1970s modern, but some of the most important items fit:


• Built-in furniture. My favorite built-in is the bench/ledge that runs the length of two walls. I also adore the wet bar with built-in storage and a mini-fridge.

• Sunken living room. Ok, it’s not officially sunken, but you do take stairs down to it. Very cool.

• Double doors. Love, love, love the double front doors!

• Gas stove. This was very important to us. Sure we could have installed one ourselves, but this is a countertop version and we have a separate wall oven (which I also love). Plus, it’s a Jen-Air.

• Picture windows. The house is full of windows and, because they are so high, we don’t need curtains on many of them. I hate curtains everywhere.

• Original light fixtures, knobs and hardware. My favorite original item is the upscale (for 1973) security system still in the house. No, it doesn’t work but I’m willing to bet Steve will be working on it. Apparently it’s a brand that impressed Steve enough to comment that whoever built the house must have had some money to afford it. The hinges on many of the doors are square. Very unusual and cool.

• Basement for my studio. I’ll have the entire basement to myself and it’s a walkout basement with a nice patio. I’m planning to hang our porch swing out there for my own little area.


Here’s a sneak peek of the house. I have more pictures, but you’ll have to wait to see them! Future plans include painting the doors a deep red, removing the crappy brass on them and repainting the house to its original dark grey.


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4 responses to “The Long and Winding Road

  1. Miriam

    That is great news!!! I’m excited for you guys!!!! You’re right – it was a long and winding road. We will keep our fingers crossed for you!

  2. Omg girl!!!!

    Very spiffy and mod!

  3. Listening to your mother? What are you? Crazy? Deranged? Or just lying in hopes that she won’t figure it out and will give you more for Christmas?

    Fortunately I did learn to listen to my mother (and appreciate her) while she was still alive. And even though I resisted her constant nagging to cut my hair short, she was right. About the hair and plenty of other things too.

  4. Pamela Witte

    I’m excited for you, and I’m excited to see the house a more attractive color. 🙂 Fingers are officially crossed.

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