Home, Sweet Home

Ok, I’ve had several requests for pictures and I finally got some taken so here they are! Hope you like them. I think Steve and I comment almost daily on how much we love our house.


I’ll start with my beloved double front doors. I still need to paint them red and take off the icky brass kickplates, but that will have to wait until spring.



Next up is the coffee nook area which is a favorite spot. Steve and I have coffee there on the weekends, chat when he gets home at night and hang out while one of us is in the kitchen.



Here’s the kitchen which opens to the dining room and the coffee nook. It’s very user-friendly!



The dining room is large enough for me to have my table out with both leaves. We had 13 at the table for Thanksgiving and still had room to move around. Quite a change from the old house.



Next up is the living room which is fabulous, if I do say so myself. It also has the built-in bar area. This is a view with our aluminum tree.



Here’s the fireplace and the ’80s-style tile. Now that I’ve painted the top part of it I can live with the tile until we have the time and money to change it. Normally we have a metal sculpture above the doors, but I put up a wreath for the holidays.



Here’s the bar with the built-in sink, refrigerator (with ice maker), shelves and lighting. The owner who built this in the early ’80s left the stereo and it’s stayed with the house.



Upstairs is our bedroom, complete with two lazy cats.



Here’s the guest room where Ralph and Blair stayed last weekend. I didn’t get the picture of the loft, but it’s in this room.



Finally, here’s what we’re calling the game room. It overlooks our bedroom.



I didn’t take pictures of the office, the laundry room or my studio since they weren’t very exciting but I think you get the idea of the house. It’s all very open. We love it!


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4 responses to “Home, Sweet Home

  1. Great photos! It’s hard to remember that you haven’t lived there forever – the house is such a perfect reflection of you and Steve and just feels like home – very warm and inviting.

  2. Cindy

    Wait – but – aren’t these the SAME photos that are on Facebook? Does this mean you are recycling photos? I feel so cheated.

  3. Violet

    What a beautiful house–I’m jealous! You obviously have great taste in decorating as well. Thanks for sharing–it looks even better than I pictured!

  4. Cindy, not everyone is on Facebook so I decided to share them here as well. Yes, I’m recycling photos. Get over it!

    Violet, thanks for the kind words on the house and the decor. Yep, I think I have great taste, but doesn’t everyone feel that way?!

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