Lift and Seperate

I must like pain and humiliation. I mean, why else would I subject myself to a bra fitting at the mall during the Christmas season? I think it’s because I recently caught a glimpse of myself in the dressing room while shopping in St. Louis and realized I was in need of some new foundation garments. The elastic just can’t hold these babies up forever, you know.


I decided to try our local Dillard’s because 1) they were having a sale on Wacoal (which almost never happens) and 2) because their bra manager, Valeria, came highly recommended. She was there so I decided to take some time out of my day for a fitting. She measured me and determined I was actually wearing the correct size bra, but I wasn’t getting the lift I needed because my bras had stretched out. I told her what I was looking for as far as style and fit and she left to choose some bras for me. I wasn’t quite prepared for her to actually enter the dressing room with me as I tried them on, but she was very nice and I figured it was a bit like going to the doctor’s office so I left my modesty at the door. I was commenting that I wanted to make sure I had enough support for my, ahem, ample bosom when she asked how many kids I had. Uh, no kids this bod was built by nature. The boobs sag because they’re, well, large ‘k? I then immediately had to email [Cindy]( and tell her of my adventures because we’d been having an amusing email conversation earlier. Then I called my sister on the way home to laugh about it. Yep, I’m pretty soft in the middle and I have large, saggy boobs. What can I say? I work out 5x a week and this is what I’m left with. Guess I should be glad I’m not larger!


I did find an everyday Wacoal bra I liked that wasn’t too matronly and didn’t break the bank (thanks to a 25% off sale). I bought one in nude and one in black. Oh baby, I’m stylin’ now! I’ll save the lacy, racy stuff for another time. Oh, who am I kidding? I don’t wear that crap!


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2 responses to “Lift and Seperate

  1. Carrie

    Boy am I glad that I checked your blog today! I have NEVER seen a Wacoal on sale and I love mine! It is built like a tank!!! Guess where I’m going tomorrow?

  2. Cindy

    It was a pretty funny e-mail conversation. You should go into more detail (!)

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