Fantastic Friday

The week started out quite glum for me as my mood seemed to match the weather. Today is sunny and warmer and I think my mood is reflecting it as well. I’ve had a pretty good day and here are the highlights so far:


• I spent 40 minutes on the phone with Valerie this morning discussing how much we dislike Christmas. It was so nice to talk freely with someone who, not only understands my feelings, but doesn’t think I’m a horrible person for having them. Thank you, Valerie!


• I had a wonderful lunch with Mary and we exchanged our Christmas gifts. We’ve known each other most of our lives so finding the right gifts for each other is usually easy. As always, she didn’t disappoint. She got me a very cool retro chafing dish, some cedar boards for grilling salmon and some kleenex with a funny quote on it. I loved them all. I got her a t-shirt (she loves t-shirts) that says “Sometimes her tea time runs right into cocktail hour and there is nothing she can do about it.” Mary howled with laughter and said she was going to wear it tonight. I also got her a set of tea towels just like the ones she’d been admiring at my house. I love it when people appreciate the gifts I give them! Then she told me a hilarious story of how Doug was passing my gym this morning and saw a woman on the treadmill. He thought to himself, “Wow, she’s cute” then realized it was me and got grossed out (because we’re like siblings).  Mary and I laughed and laughed about it. Hey, I still have it!


• On to work where I had to stop by and see which photo my boss had chosen for our next ad. I was a bit nervous because she put me in charge of the photo shoot and I was hoping she liked what I’d done with the model. Score! She chose the picture I liked best and seemed pleased. Plus, I got a nice new camisole to wear under itchy sweaters and it was actually cheap!


• My final stop was Sam’s which I had mentally prepared myself for. I was irritated they were sold out of the item I’d specifically gone there to buy, but I figured I wouldn’t waste a trip so I got some wine for Doug and Mary’s wine tasting party tomorrow night. I gave the girl my membership card and she rang up my wine and asked for my ID. No biggie, I thought, they probably card everyone. Nope, she really didn’t think I was that old! She commented that I looked very young for my age. I said, “Really? I just thought you carded everyone.” No, she actually wanted to see my ID for age purposes.


Now I’m home and doing some laundry. Traffic was getting a bit crazy and I didn’t want to deal with it any more. Tonight is dinner with Duane and Prudy so it should be a good start to the weekend. Now I need to figure out what I’m going to wear.

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