Christmas Celebrations

We survived quite a busy weekend and are now gearing up for Christmas in Des Moines. Last night mom and Burl came over and we had an early Christmas celebration.  It was beginning to feel like Christmas with a house full of family and a fire blazing in the fireplace. They brought Burl’s now-famous chili and Steve made cornbread so we had a delicious dinner before doing a little gift opening.Once again, mom and Burl gave us some great gifts and we had a lot of fun. My favorite gifts are always those things that I want but won’t buy for myself and books seem to fit into that category. While I love to read, I’m more prone to check out something from the library or borrow from friends before I buy a book. I received  Honor Thy Father by Gay Talese which I will be cracking open first, Thin is the New Happy, the latest Pearls Before Swine book and a cool book of album covers. I should be entertained for quite a while. The big gift I received that I’d wanted for a while but never bought myself was an air compressor. Yep, I wanted an air compressor and Burl found one specifically for air brushes. In enameling, an air brush is an important tool for prepping a piece for enamel sifting. This cute little air compressor is just the right size for my needs and is portable just in case I need to take it one the road! We also got a new firepit for our deck and some much-needed fireplace tools. Thanks mom and Burl for a great Christmas (of course, this blog post does not take the place of your handwritten note).


I’m currently sitting in the waiting room of Don Wessel Automotive waiting for my car to get an oil change. Luckily, Steve and I remembered we needed an oil change before tomorrow when we hit the road. I made it here bright and early so I could get it done and get home to finish some Christmas gifts. 


I’m always a bit nervous leaving my house during the holidays, but we have some great neighbors that will keep a watch on the house and the kitties. I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday and I hope you get everything you want!

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