Lucky #13

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband, Steve. I can’t believe it’s been 13 years since we got married. A former friend of mine was once lamenting her relationship and wondering if she should stay in it. I told her not to settle; to wait until she got what she really wanted, like I did with Steve. Her replay was that not everyone could have a relationship like Steve and I. I disagree. Everyone should have that kind of relationship, but it takes constant work and communication to make it grow.


I could write a huge post about all the things I love (and the things that drive me crazy) about Steve, but I think I’ll just stick to the small ones because all of them added up are better than the big ones. I love that Steve puts the morning paper right in front of the inside garage door so it’s waiting for me when I get home from my workout. I love that he sometimes gets into bed first and warms up my side on those evenings I just can’t get warm. I love that he buys me “happy nothing day” gifts (like long underwear) because he knows it will surprise me. Most of all, I love that he accepts me how I am and allows me to be myself.


Happy Anniversary!

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