A New Look

Inspired by my friend [Carrie](http://chickletandducky.blogspot.com/) I decided a blog design change was in order. I love bird images so I chose this design to kick off the Spring season and pay tribute to the birdies.

I’ve been working hard on gathering images and information for a Red Bee Designs catalog. I advertised in a national publication and have received a few inquiries about my work so I needed to get a catalog together. Friend and talented photographer [Jeffrey Sweet](http://jeffreysweetphotography.com/) has been busy taking pictures of my production and granulation work. I hope to get them this week so I can create the catalog and get it sent to the galleries. Right now it’s going to be a pdf file rather than print, but I might print it someday. I’ll be sure to share photos here when they’re done.

Otherwise, things have been low-key and that’s just the way we like them. Steve’s battled a cold for a couple of weeks, I was sick for a couple of days and the weather has been schizophrenic. One day it’s 75 and sunny and the next it’s snowing. Oh well, it’s spring!


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3 responses to “A New Look

  1. Cute new design! I need to redesign mine, but I’m waiting until Matt moves me over to wordpress.

  2. Carrie

    Thanks for the shopping trip! I do think that the bird is very “springy” 🙂

  3. Nancy B

    Loved the old one, but love the new too!! Nice and springy! Perhaps it will influence our weather to finally MAKE UP ITS MIND and stay warm!

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