Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

I’m back and I apologize to the handful of you who have checked this blog for a new post. The only excuses I have are that I worked every day last week and really didn’t have much to say. I had three days at [The Harem]( and two days in the studio.

Friday was Stacey’s (my intern) last day and it was sad. She was a great addition to the studio and a hard worker. I met Stacey a couple of years ago, and we had some classes together, but I never got to know her as well as I did other members of the class. Stacey is very smart, a little kooky (and I say that in a nice way) and talented. She was quiet in class most of the time so we never really talked. What I liked about her as an intern is that she picked up on things quickly, had good hands and didn’t complain that the work was repetitive and boring (which production work is). She’s off to [Arrowmont]( for a class on casting then she’ll graduate at the end of the month. I hope she continues doing metalwork and I hope to hire her this fall to help me with the holiday season. Sarah came over Friday with champagne to celebrate Stacey’s last day and we had a nice happy hour. It was a great way to honor Stacey’s achievements and a good excuse to start the weekend.

The best part about Stacey being here was that it forced me to take scheduled time for metal work which has led to several new pieces. I’ve taken Sarah’s advice and continued with my granulation and am quite pleased with the results. I actually have some ideas swirling around in my head for the first time in ages! It’s good to get excited about something and to want to work in the studio. I don’t feel pressured to work on production pieces since Stacey completed so much so I now have some time to do what I want to do. I hope the trend continues and yes I will have pictures of new work coming soon. I’ll admit that I sometimes avoid working in the studio because it gets a bit lonely. Having Stacey around meant having someone to talk to and bounce ideas off of.

In other news, I’m thinking about a new pair of glasses. I tend to change my frames every 2-3 years and am considering a new look. Problem is that I can’t decide what I want. Right now I have a modified cat-eye which I like but am getting a bit tired of. In the past I’ve looked at something rectangular, but most of them are too wide for my face. I’ll keep you posted.

The studio’s calling. I started a new design last night and am anxious to continue. Right after I have another cup of coffee.

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