Waiting Room

It’s been almost a year since Steve and I moved into our 1973 contemporary pad. During that time, we’ve adjusted our tastes to reflect the era even though we still love our Danish Modern furniture. While I’d never give up my beloved Heywood-Wakefield dining room set, I admit the idea of smoked glass and chrome are quite appealing. I don’t want to get too kitschy, but the ’70s are alive and well at the Kirks’ household.

It all started with a few accessories here and there. You know, the brightly colored plastic pieces and drip pottery from that era. I found some funky ashtrays and whatnots, but things really started rolling when I found this end table and lamp:


Adding the Sculptura phone was only natural. While I was out shopping on Saturday, I found a gorgeous Danish Modern Lane coffee table. I called Steve, who measured the existing slat bench we’re using as a table, and thought the new table was too long. I didn’t think it would be a problem, but agreed to wait on the table and take a chance it would be there when I returned the next day. When I got home, we rearranged a bunch of furniture and decided the table would work. We went back to the flea market the next day to buy the table which was still there. After some discussion, we decided to walk around and think about it. While wandering we found this awesome chair that looks just like something out of a 70s modern waiting room:


I think it’s the original vinyl and it was only $14. Steve and I determined $14 wasn’t too much to chance so we grabbed it instead of the table. Of course, bringing home a chair meant more rearranging of furniture. Originally we had a gold barrel chair and ottoman in this area but we moved it to the coffee area and put the new chair there. This morning I added the chrome and vinyl magazine rack to complete the look. Next up I have my eye on a Saarinen-style pedestal end table for the waiting room. That way you’ll have a place for your coffee. Please have a seat, we’ll be with you shortly.

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