Questions and Answers

During the show I was asked a lot of questions about my work, myself as an artist and how I the show was going. But I also received my share of, shall we say, not so smart questions. Here are my favorites and the answers I wanted to give:

“Is this silver?” Ok, not really a dumb question until you get to the follow-up question…”Does it tarnish?” Yes, you moron, silver tarnishes! One lady then wrinkled up her nose and stated that she hated tarnished silver. Well, thank goodness mine was all polished just for her.

“Are these PMC?” Silversmiths absolutely hate precious metal clay (PMC), at least snobby metalsmiths. These are “real” metal not that clay crap.

“Do you know what this is made of?” asked the lady pointing to an enameled brooch. I sure hope so since I’m the one who made it!

“Do you just sell the chain?” No and stop asking. I’m so tired of people telling me their stories about how hard it is to find a nice silver chain for pieces they bought at TJ Maxx or Walmart. Don’t think I’m selling you my nice chain unless you’re buying one of my pendants to put on it.

“These look like cookie press discs.” I get this all the time about my silhouette necklaces. I don’t really mind the reference because I like cookie presses, but it does get old when several people comment during the weekend and act like they’re the first ones to notice the resemblance.

“You should be giving away samples.” The show had a lot of food vendors giving away samples so several men thought they’d be really funny and ask for jewelry samples. It got old really quickly.

On a positive note, I did receive many, many compliments on my work and my booth. Several people commented on how professional things were and how talented they thought I was. It was a nice balance to all the silliness I encountered!

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