Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Today I wish a happy birthday to my mom. I won’t reveal her age, but she certainly doesn’t look it. Mom is an amazing person. She volunteers, serves her community through several organizations, stays healthy by working out, rides the MS 150 annually, knits, sews and is currently helping her husband install wood floors in their house. She’s not your typical grandma who stays at home and cooks. Actually, we prefer she not cook!

Through the years mom and I have had our differences but she’s taught me so many things and I’m grateful for her guidance. I learned to do things for myself, admit when I’m wrong, be responsible for my own actions and be a better person. I also learned how to be a smart ass. It’s a requirement if you want to survive in our family!

While I may look like her, mom and I are very different. I admire her ability to plan, budget and manage things and I think she admires my artistic abilities. I’ll never be as smart as she is in some things, but I think that’s good. I always have something new to learn from her and I’m grateful when she shares her wisdom.

Happy birthday mom! Here’s to many more years of celebrating! I love you!

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  1. Mom

    Thanks for your beautiful message – you have no idea how much that means to me – especially when I know I didn’t always win the “Mom of the Year” award with you. But, hey, I gave you lots of good stories to tell like how you NEVER got to see “Rocky Horror Picture Show” just for starters. However, I will always say the greatest adventure in my life was raising you and your sister – wouldn’t trade what memories I still have for anything!

    And, BTW, when people say you look like Kate Goselin, I hope they don’t think you look like me as well!

    And yes, I absolutely admire your artistic abilities – none of which you inherited from me!

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