Christmastime is Here

Let me start by apologizing for no new posts lately. Steve and I are in the process of moving and updating this blog so things have been changed. I’m working on the appearance next. So, on to the post.

WinterFest is over which means that Christmas can officially begin here. My studio work is mainly done and I only have a few special orders to fill and ship. Most of my Christmas shopping is done and I’m just waiting on the packages to arrive so I can open them and begin wrapping.

In the past, I’ve been a stickler for not putting up any Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving. I hate how the holiday comes earlier each year and retailers shove it down our throats right after Labor Day. Sure I get a head start with my jewelry inventory, but that’s about all the Christmas planning I do until after Halloween, at least. This year I broke my own rule and decided to put up a few decorations before Thanksgiving so I could enjoy the holiday for just a bit longer. It all started with the tree. Now, I’m pretty strict about the tree going up after Thanksgiving, usually the first weekend of December. However, being involved in an art show means that I’m working the entire first weekend of December and don’t have the time to devote to decorating. For several years I’ve been wanting to upgrade our 6′ aluminum tree to an 8′ model. These babies aren’t cheap. It seems like every time I search for one on eBay they are selling for $300 or more. I had little hopes in finding one before Christmas for a price I was willing to pay. Plus, 8′ trees are hard to come by since the 6′ model was the most popular. About two weeks before Thanksgiving, I got on eBay and started browsing and I found one that looked promising. It didn’t have the original box (I was ok with that) and didn’t come with a color wheel, but I didn’t need one. I asked Steve how much he thought we should pay for it. We figured that a good 8′ pine tree could run about $200 so we figured $250-300 would be an ok investment. Naturally, I wanted a deal and I got one. I ended up winning the tree for $150!

When the tree arrived, I debated on whether or not to put it up. After all, this was before Thanksgiving and I have strict rules about when Christmas decorations should be put up. I decided to bend the rules a little and assemble the tree. My reasoning was that I needed to be assured all pieces were there so I could leave feedback on eBay for the seller. I waited until the Saturday before Thanksgiving since I needed to buy silver paint for the wooden dowels which hold the branches. Once they were painted and the rotating stand was in place, assembly began. It was spectacular. All pieces were in great shape, the pompoms were bushy and it was the perfect height for the living room. Even without ornaments it looked wonderful. The Sunday after Thanksgiving Steve and I took the time to properly decorate it and put it in its proper position. We think it’s perfect what do you think?!

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  1. Tree looks great – can’t wait to see it in person. I found the tree skirt you and Ralph made – it’s still in pretty good shape. Think I’ll take it to DM to show the girls. Like the new blog style – much better than what you had earlier today.

    As to your comment on my blog – wouldn’t you like to know? And you won’t see any of the gifts until they arrive in DM on 12/26!!! At least this year I won’t have to number them!

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