The Finish Line

Today marked one month since I started the Pavel Plan and that meant I was going to be measured and weighed when I got to the gym. Pavel asked me if I was excited and I was, but also a bit scared that the numbers might not have changed much. Sure I felt great and some of my clothes were a bit looser, but overall I didn’t think much had changed. I was wrong. I lost 4 pounds and at least 2% of body fat (Pavel forgot to total my previous measurements so we weren’t sure what the overall percentage was). He was very pleased to see that I now have less than 22% body fat, which is considered healthy, and I’d lost weight. The area where I lost the most fat is my waist which is my trouble spot. I now have to put this in print: Pavel is always right.

Steve has been following the plan too, although he doesn’t always have the time to workout as much as I do, and was excited this morning to put on pants that used to be too small. Both of us feel better, are rarely bloated and have lost our sugar cravings. Sure, I like to indulge now and then, but I find my indulges are much more enjoyable and I don’t overdo it.

A sample of what I eat daily is: protein shake for breakfast; protein shake for lunch; cottage cheese, avocado, veggie or fruit for snack; almonds and protein bar for another snack; turkey, brown rice, veggies for dinner. The hardest part is slurping shakes which takes away chewing and also makes me cold. One the weekends, I have my 2-3 cheat meals (usually Friday and Saturday nights) and only have one shake per day. It’s really simple once we got the hang of it and Steve’s been having fun inventing new dishes in the kitchen. One of our favorites is a turkey/brown rice dish cooked in a Dutch Oven on the stove. It has Mexican flavors and is really satisfying. I’ve also learned to love peppers and onions since they add so much flavor to our meals.

Pavel’s next challenge is a big one and he’s dreaming up a big reward if I make it: body fat of 15%. Personally, I’m not sure it’s possible but I am going to keep plugging away and see what happens. After all, he is the Czech Machine and is always right! I should know, he tells me daily.


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4 responses to “The Finish Line

  1. Suzanne

    Impressed! Good for you (and for Pavel, not suffering the wrath of Tammy over a failed attempt)!!

    My question is – Is this a realistic long-term lifestyle decision? Can this be sustained for not just a month, but YEARS? What do you think??

  2. According to Pavel, this is how EVERYONE is supposed to eat and it’s a long-term lifestyle decision. As for me, well I’m not sure. He’s been doing it his whole life but I haven’t. I will say it takes determination and willpower. Guess only the future will tell.

  3. Yikes – 15%?! All I know is, when I was in HS track and cross-country and working out like a fiend, mine was down to 11% and it starts to do some strange things to your body, as in, women can’t let their body fat get that low and still be able to maintain all their monthly female functions. But – huge kudos on your success so far. I think you should counter-challenge Pavel to get you similar results eating real food, not so many shakes, so it’s more sustainable for the long term.

  4. Miriam

    I’m totally tempted to sign up for this myself – my mid-section could use some reduction after three children…but I don’t think I could drink my breakfast and lunch for the rest of my life…

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