Spring Break

When I was a full-time college student I looked forward to spring break. Granted, I never went anywhere since I worked the whole time, but I enjoyed a break from studying and classes. Now that I’m an occasional student, I find that spring break takes on a different meaning. Case in point, this week between working at The Harem, I’ve already managed to create two rings for a series I’m doing. Can you say “overachiever”?¬†Remember this ring from my last assignment?

Well, during the critique Sarah mentioned that it was a good ring for a series and that I should make several more. I liked the design, but wasn’t pleased with the end product and wanted to refine it. I had several other sketches so I decided to start fresh. Here’s the first ring I created:

It’s made to wear on my Index finger and the longer end of the top piece rests on my knuckle like this:

Good grief, my hand looks old! Anyway, it’s really comfortable to wear and I like the way it looks. Encouraged by this design, I continued to ring #2 in the series (technically, ring #3 if I count the very first one):

I sized this one for my middle finger, but it’s a bit snug. Still, I think it looks nice on my hand and it’s comfortable to wear.

Alas, I am running short on this particular silver sheet I’m using so I have to wait until my material arrives later this week. Guess I’ll start working on my Identity Ring. It’s going to be very exciting so stay tuned!

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