A Shoe In

When I was a kid my grandparents always gave me a magazine subscription for Christmas. I loved the idea because it meant I would receive something new every month. My older cousin received The Wall Street Journal. My sister wanted Time or Newsweek. I got Vogue. Nevermind that I couldn’t afford anything in it (still can’t), for me it was all about anticipating a new season of fashion. I wanted to know all I could about what was going to be in style for the upcoming year.

I was such a fashion nerd that I would begin planning my fall wardrobe while I was still on summer break. I would choose my color palette and styles and make a wish list. I’m sure I didn’t get 1/4 of the items on that list, but the idea was to create something new for the season. Fall was always my top pick as I never did the same in the spring. To this day, fall is still my favorite fashion time of the year.

I guess it’s no surprise I’d work in retail someday. My first job was working in sales for an upscale clothing store. I loved the clothes but, as a poor college student, couldn’t afford them even with a generous discount. After college I left retail and eventually had an office job complete with title, salary and benefits. I never planned to return to retail but two years ago I was approached by Kathi, owner of Harem & Company, to work part time for the store. I loved the idea of working part time and the clothing, shoes and accessories were an added bonus.

Monday, Kathi told me she needed to discuss an idea with me. She had been talking to Margaret, our shoe buyer, about the idea of taking me to the Vegas shoe market. Kathi wanted my input on styles but, more importantly, she wanted me to write about the experience. I’d told her I thought she should Facebook and Tweet about her experience at market and now I was going to do that! Oh. My. Gosh. Three days of shoes. I had to keep my cool and wait for the other shoe to drop (pun intended). What was the catch? Was it really going to happen?

Yesterday, Margaret confirmed that she had reserved my room in the new Trump hotel. EEEEEEE! I’m going to  Vegas, baby! I’m going to see all the new styles for spring 2011! I’ll be in the know! There aren’t enough exclamation points to convey my excitement! Stay tuned for details from the road!

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