Fall Fashion Forecast

It may still be 90 degrees outside, but I’m thinking about fall. By the looks of it, retails stores are too. Every day I’m tempted by another fabulous new item arriving at our store so I thought I’d share some of the  hottest trends and looks of the season. Now is the time to start planning your wardrobe!

• Jeggings. Are you familiar with this term yet, because if you aren’t, it’s time you got acquainted. Jeans + leggings = jeggings. Believe it or not, these aren’t just for tall, thin models or anyone under the age of 30. We have women of all shapes, sizes and ages snapping them up and wearing them with style. The trick is to find the right fit and pair them with the right top. I’m a fan of dark wash or black paired with a long sweater, jacket or tunic. They are comfortable and easy to tuck into boots.

• Faux Fur. Faux fabrics have come a long way and are no longer cheap or ratty looking as they’ve been in the past. Many faux furs and leathers look and feel as nice as the real thing. Although I’m not a fan of wearing fur on top (too bulky), I love the idea of incorporating it into accessories – think purses or boots.

• Booties. The fastest way to update a wardrobe is with a bootie. They look great paired with jeans, leggings or dresses and can be worn with or without tights. I like an open-toed version because I can wear it now and then pair it with tights when it gets colder. The most flattering style cuts right at the ankle. If you think they look too heavy, find a version with cut outs which will lighten the look.

• Tailored looks. You gotta love Mad Men for bringing sophistication back in style. Pencil skirts, tailored jackets, dresses and pants are perfect for fall. I love a tailored jacket paired with jeans for a crisp look. To keep it from being too stuffy, I choose funky accessories or cowboy boots. It’s best to look put-together but not like you just walked off the Mad Men set. Avoid taking the look literally.

• Fringe. I think there’s a hippie living deep inside me because I adore fringe. I still remember the suede fringed jacket I wore as a kid and keep searching flea markets for an adult version. Again, don’t take the look literally and pair it with a headband and bell bottoms. Choose one piece to be fringed and keep everything else simple. I like a fringed handbag.

• Gold. Silver has ruled for many years and is still a favorite, but gold is gaining momentum. Fall’s warmer palette is the perfect base for gold. Plus, as tans fade, gold keeps skin glowing. Feel free to mix it in with your silver pieces to add warmth.

• Leather jackets. Yes, I know I mentioned faux fur and leather earlier, but leather jackets (real or faux) are everywhere! I’ve been searching for a leather motorcycle jacket for several years now and am hoping this is the year I’ll find one. Actually, I have a faux one on order at work and can’t wait until it arrives. Look for styles ranging from motorcycle to belted. And think about colors other than black. Brown, camel and grey are terrific neutrals.

• Military. Olive green and military details are everywhere! Cargo pants have slimmed down and are a great alternative to jeans. Olive, brown and khaki pair well with charcoal, black and chocolate.  This is also a great palette for gold jewelry as the warm tones compliment the luster of gold.

I’ll admit, the styles are all over the map and it’s easy to be intimidated but don’t let that stop you from enjoying the season. Remember, you don’t have to embrace (or wear) all these trends! Pick one, two or three that work for you and enjoy!


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2 responses to “Fall Fashion Forecast

  1. Suzanne

    So glad I bought that faux fur vest last year! Got a great deal and now I get to carry it over to another year 🙂

  2. nancy

    Great post, thanks for all the tips on what’s “in” for fall. I am excited about the “jeggings” and the booties, for my casual wear… And loved reading about your trip to Vegas and all about the SHOES!

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