That 70s Shoe

The other night, Steve and I were browsing through the bargain book section at Barnes and Noble when Steve came across a book on 70s fashion. I figured it was worth $4 for the comic value alone. Thus begins my Friday salute to the 70s. Join me as I share my favorite ads and designs from the 70s. Naturally, I’ll begin at the bottom with shoes.

It’s no secret I love shoes and I’ve loved them all my life. As a child, I eagerly anticipated back to school shoe shopping, and my only disappointment was being allowed one pair of shoes. When I was in seventh grade my back to school shoe of choice was a clog. It was whiskey-colored leather and I believe we bought it at Kinney shoes in the mall. I can’t imagine how uncomfortable it was, as I remember it had no padding, but I wore it daily. The worst part of wearing clogs (and Dr. Scholl’s sandals) was accidentally kicking myself in the ankle with the wooden sole. Ouch! But clogs weren’t just worn by women, Here’s an example of a studly dude sporting his clogs:

He is working it! Dig the shirt unbuttoned to the waist. Ok, this might not technically be a clog, but it’s the closest I found and it’s funny. Of course, you can’t think of the 70s without thinking of boots, and I love my boots. The most memorable pair I had was in the early 70s when I had not one, but two pair of go-go boots. One was white patent and the other was khaki patent. Oh yeah, I was stylin’. I never had a pair of these suede beauties, but I do remember the Thom McAn shoe store well.

I’ll take one in each color and I’d like some of that wallpaper too. Nothing like hot pants and tall boots! Of course, Kinney had boots too and I love the lace-up ones in this picture.

What’s funny is that these don’t look horribly outdated any more. I remember my mom had a pair of Frye boots similar to the top boot in this photo. Actually, it was the Frye Campus boot and it’s still made. I wish she still had hers.

Join me next week as I celebrate sex and the 70s. Advertising was quite risque back then!


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2 responses to “That 70s Shoe

  1. I wish I had those Frye boots too – I could give them to you for Christmas – you’d be a happy camper and I’d save $$$$!! At least you know I was cool at one time.

    • Suzanne Gundlach

      Kinney, Tom McAn, Bakers and The Wild Pair!! That was where I headed for back-to-school shoes! Yes, I had clogs that year too and remember driving my mom crazy because I *had to have* the ones with the kiltie and tassles on top…and Candies wedges with the criss-cross canvas straps (JCPenney). My favorite boots were patchwork suede…so very cool.

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