Rock and Roll

Life in the studio has had its ups and downs lately. I had a couple of set-backs which made me wonder if I really wanted to continue creating jewelry. I talked to Sarah and Steve and both of them reminded me that I needed to make stuff for myself and quit worrying about selling it. They were right (of course) and I am on my way back in the swing of things. Sarah also reminded me that I tend to think like a student and dismiss my ideas and designs before I even make them. Basically, I need to shut up and work.

Late this past summer I was working with some stones I’d gathered when I was at Arrowmont three years ago. You may remember the ring I made for class where I set a gemstone in the rock. Here’s a reminder:

I then began experimenting with necklaces and created this piece:

I decided to keep it, but made a couple more which I have to sell. I think the round one is already spoken for (yay). I’m hoping to have about six total to sell at WinterFest in December. Here are the two I have available:

The only thing I don’t like about the oval piece is that you can see the back plate at the bottom. It’s not noticeable when it’s being worn, but my goal is to create invisible settings for the rocks. Yesterday I decided to take one of my larger rocks and create a brooch. Rather than using gemstones as the settings, I decided to create a rivet with a granulated head. I’m very pleased with this particular piece. It measures about three inches wide.

So that’s what’s going on in the studio right now. I have two more rocks on the bench to make into pendants, and another rock which will become a brooch. I also have an idea for some new earrings. Wish me luck! I tend to get off track easily!


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3 responses to “Rock and Roll

  1. Hi Tammy, I am interested in buying the round necklace…will you have one for me at Winterfest?
    Also, what earrings will you have available?

  2. Mindy Johnson

    Don’t you dare think about quitting. That would be a big lose to the metalsmith community. See you at Winterfest!

  3. Thanks, Mindy. I really appreciate that. It’s just been a long summer. Can’t wait to catch up at WinterFest and show you my new stuff.

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