Caution: Man Working

Construction has officially started on the upstairs bathroom and, of course, nothing goes as planned. Pavel was pushing us to replace the vanity from the very beginning and we didn’t want to. The main reason is that it was an original feature  in the house and we’re all about preserving the look. Unfortunately, we couldn’t salvage the floor so an update was inevitable.

According to Pavel, the plain vanity I loved so much was equivalent to crappy European government housing. In other words, I have no taste. We argued back and forth as I stated my case for simple cabinetry and  he pushed for something more “interesting” and finally arrived at a compromise: a floating vanity with two doors and a long, shallow drawer. I had to remind him several times that this was MY house and MY style, but Pavel being, well, Pavel, wanted to create something more exciting. In the end, I think it will look great and we’ll both be pleased. And yes, I also pointed out to him that Steve and I were the ones who had to live with the bathroom and it was our money paying for it. You’d have to know Pavel to know he means well.

Today he starts on the floor and I’m really excited. He doesn’t know if he’ll be laying the slate today or tomorrow but the bathroom should be done this week. Pics to follow, I promise!

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  1. Suzanne

    Floating vanity will be very cool in that room. Will allow the eye to take in a greater expanse of the floor, which has really become the highlight with the added texture/color of the slate. Good choice! Can’t wait to see pics. (Thankful our bathroom reno is over)

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