Still Under Construction

There’s a good reason why I don’t buy houses that need remodeling: I don’t like messes. I like putting my house in order and keeping it that way. The other reason I don’t like renovating is that it always takes longer and costs more than is expected.

It all began with a leak. Steve and I had been out to dinner and came home to water dripping from the ceiling in the garage. We discovered the upstairs toilet was leaking and the floor was ruined. Because our house still has the original parquet floors from the 70s, we couldn’t just patch the area. We decided to enter a claim on our insurance to cover the floor and ceiling damage. Of course, there would be more to come. The vanity had to be removed and, since it was built into the wall, it was damaged upon removal and had to be rebuilt. In the beginning, Pavel (our contractor) suggested we gut the whole thing and start new. No, we insisted, we didn’t have the budget to do that and we just wanted the damage repaired. One thing led to another and we decided to replace the floor and vanity on the other side of the bathroom so both sides matched. Once the paint was on the walls, the tile in the shower started looking even worse. You can see where this is going…

So, to recap, a damaged floor leads to a complete bathroom remodel. The good news is that we have the cash to do it and it’s going to look great. The bad new is that my house is still a wreck and there’s no end in sight. I promise a lot of photos once it’s done.

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