The Blogger is Out

Obviously I have not blogged in quite a while and I’m sure you have all been drooling at the thought of a new entry. Well, hate to disappoint, but this one won’t be too exciting. Truth is, I’ve been swamped. Remember the catalog I’ve been talking about? Well, imagine your mailbox being filled with CDs containing photos you have to format, color correct, size and catalog. I’ve already done about 135 and have 15 or so more to do. Now, add to that mess emailing artists who don’t understand deadlines, send poor quality photos that can’t be corrected or just plain forget. I think you get the picture.

On a more positive note, I’ve already started the layout for the catalog and designed the front and back cover. I met with the printer last Thursday and was told my layout was good and all the photos were going to print correctly. One of my biggest fears is color issues, especially when I have no idea what the pieces are supposed to look like in the first place. My job is just to make sure everything is consistent. Here’s a peek at the cover art I designed:

The images are from the entrants in the show. I like it and hope the Enamelist Society does too. I admit I’m having some fun with it and enjoy being back in the world of print. Who knows, maybe this will lead to a new job. Hey, stranger things have happened.

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