Home Alone

Steve spent last week in Orlando for work which meant I was left at home – alone. My mom and I like to joke about whether or not we’ll manage if our spouses are gone. The reality is that we both enjoy spending time at home by ourselves. I admit, this week was nice, but I do look forward to a little company in our quiet house.

I dropped Steve off at the airport last Saturday morning and came back home to enjoy my morning coffee. Once that was done, I started my usual Saturday house cleaning chores. Because I didn’t have plans until later that night, I just kept on going. I cleaned everything I could, except for dusting (which I hate to do). I liked the idea of getting my house clean for the week and knowing that I’d be the only one making messes which meant I’d actually clean them!

I had plans Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday nights so I knew I wouldn’t get lonely at home. By Tuesday I was desperate for a night alone so I was thrilled when mom called to tell me plans had changed and I could stay home if I wanted. I know she understood! I spent most of the evening working on my catalog project and got so much done.

I admit, I did miss Steve and the conversations we have at the end of the day. I also missed my chef! Cooking for one is really boring. Wednesday night I just had some cottage cheese and fruit because it was too hot and I was too lazy to make anything. Thursday I did treat myself to a nice Greek pasta dish I invented and I enjoyed it while watching an old movie. I’m hoping Steve feels like grilling tonight because I’d really like a “real” meal! Even if he just wants pizza, I’ll be glad that I’m sharing it with him.

In about an hour I’ll pick him up at the airport and my clean, quiet house will change dramatically. Nothing like a week’s worth of dirty laundry to fill up a Saturday! I’ll be glad he’s home and I have several surprises waiting for him. I got his car washed and detailed, I hired people to work on the lawn and the house is clean. What more could a guy ask for? Well, me, of course! And I’m the best wife ever. Just ask me.

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