Lake Day

I’m not a lake person. Just ask anyone and they’ll tell you that the last place they could picture me going to willingly would be the lake. It’s dirty, fish poop in it, there are snakes, I don’t like getting wet, the list goes on and on. Recently, a friend asked me if I’d be up for going to the lake with her, her husband and another couple. The group sounded fun, and I knew Steve would love it, so I agreed.

I actually enjoy being on the water. Racing across the lake in a boat is really fun. And I like the relaxed vibe at the lake. No one is wearing makeup, it doesn’t matter if you have on cut-offs and a t-shirt and a bathing suit is a must. I’d bought a bathing suit three years ago and it hadn’t touched water. I figured it was time I got the thing out and actually wore it, even if I didn’t plan on getting into the lake.

Our friends’ boat is near Roaring River/Cassville so it was a bit of a haul to get there, but the reward was a calmer, less populated part of the lake. We drove about 15 minutes from the dock and selected a nice cove to drop anchor and relax. Everyone jumped in the water and I stood on the back of the boat, taunting them. Steve yelled at me to jump so I did. I went right in and it was really fun! That part of the lake was really clean and didn’t smell all fishy like I remembered. We floated around, chatting and listening to some great tunes, compliments of the great sound system my friends had installed in the boat. We only took a break from the water to eat lunch then we jumped back in and relaxed until about 3 pm when it was time to head back.

Since the roads we’d taken to the dock had been excessively curvy, Steve opted for a slightly longer (but less stressful) return that took up right to Roaring River. That brought back some memories! As a kid, my family spent many weekends camping at RR in our pop-up camper we’d bought from the neighbor. Dad and Ralph loved fly fishing while mom and I read in our lawn chairs we’d put in the river, or took some hikes on the trails. A big day was driving into Cassville to do some shopping. If we were really lucky, we got to stay at the Roaring River Resort just outside the park. It had air conditioning! Mom, the resort still has the same sign, but it’s gotten quite a face lift over the years. I had to stop at the Lodge (which is new) and buy a t-shirt. I may have spent most of my summers complaining about camping, but I do have some good memories of  that time together. Not scarred for life, that’s for sure.

We returned home with sunburns, despite our waterproof 30 spf sunscreen, but we had a great time. Actually, I hope we get invited back. I’d go!

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