Mountain Time

After a very long car ride, including a detour to the National Quilt Museum in Paducah, KY, we arrived last night in Gatlinburg, TN at Arrowmont. I love this place. Despite my rocky past with the Pi Beta Phi sorority, I have found a new home at Arrowmont (which was founded by the Pi Phis). This is my third time here and this one’s a little different. This time I’m serving as a student worker during the pre-conference workshops for The Enamelist Society.

When I arrived last night, weary from the road and very hungry, I learned that this would be quite a new experience for me. I would be sharing a room with my fellow female students, I would be expected to serve the workshop instructors and I would probably get very little sleep. Hmm, I wasn’t sure what to think. I am not a low-maintenace person (shocker, I know) and I have never enjoyed sharing space with virtual strangers. Luckily, we all have our own bathroom so we don’t have to schlep our stuff down the hall to use the shower.

The girls I’m sharing a room with are very nice and patient with me. I informed them that I’m not low-maintenance and can’t get ready for the day in 15 minutes or less. I suggested they stick to their schedules and let me lag behind. They didn’t and waited for me so we could walk to breakfast together. They also tolerate my fan and my ability to take up much more space than I should. I figure I’m just giving them all sorts of interesting stories they can tell their friends once we return home. What can I say except I am who I am.

This morning I did a round asking all the instructors if they needed anything. I’ve had time to find a class I think I like and am able to sit in on it. So it’s nice that I get the benefits of the workshops without paying the hefty fee. It’s no surprise the instructor I bonded with tells horrible jokes like my mom, asks if it’s ok if he swears and discusses alcohol freely. Yep, we’re going to get along great.

Gotta run and check in with my bosses. Send me good vibes that I can sleep tonight because I don’t think anyone wants an assistant who looks and acts like the walking dead.

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