The thing I fear most about traveling is that I’ll get sick. I’d been battling some sinus issues before I left so I stocked up on my Zinc, Vitamin C and other necessities. The morning we left I was feeling much better so I had high hopes that it would be the only problem I’d encounter. What I didn’t count on was a severe allergic reaction to a new eye cream.

I have used Oil of Olay products for years without any issues. I’d recently bought an eye cream that promised to do everything. Well, not everything, but most things I needed. The first time I used it, my eyes stung a little, but I’d also gotten some makeup remover in them so I shrugged it off. Within a couple of days, my eyes had become itchy and dry. I stopped using the cream, but the problem continued. By Friday morning, things were looking pretty bad.

It was bad enough that I’d been suffering from sleep deprivation, but adding redness, scaly skin and puffiness only made me look worse. I put a call out to my childhood friend and optometrist, Dan Boone, who was willing to help (despite the fact I’m not a current patient). He instructed me on what to buy, how to use it and what to do if things didn’t get better. Fortunately, Walgreen’s was a short walk away and I had my necessary supplies in no time. Just 24 hours of using the allergy drops and hydrocortisone cream and my eyes look and feel so much better. I’m still puffy, but I’m doing ok.

So this trip is an experience on facing my fears and adapting. I’ve learned to live with roommates, survived on little sleep, had too much to drink (over the last couple of days combined) and dealt with an allergic reaction. Guess I’m just proving to myself that I’m made of stronger stuff than I thought!

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  1. No surprise to me that you’re made of strong stuff. Who the hell raised you? You got that from all the strong women in our family – Nana, Grammie and me – plus you had to battle your sister for years too. Glad your eyes are better – I’m trusting you went back to Oil of Old Age eye cream!

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