Recognition and Disappointment

I didn’t become a metalsmith because I craved attention, nor did I think becoming a metalsmith would make me rich (which it hasn’t). I became a metalsmith because it was something I truly enjoyed doing and I was drawn to the medium. Any recognition I have received is welcome, but unexpected.

I do remember the first piece I sold, the first expensive piece I sold and the first time I saw a stranger wearing my work. All of those experiences gave me a little rush of excitement and pride. It’s always nice to know strangers like and appreciate something I made with my own hands. Over the past couple of years, I’ve attempted to branch out and have submitted a couple of pieces for consideration in two books. Today, I found out my latest submissions did not make the cut. It’s disappointing. I really thought I had some great pieces that were not only visually appealing, but technically challenging and well-photographed. The first rejection I received was crushing, but upon seeing the publication, I realized my work wouldn’t have fit into the juror’s vision for the final project. Perhaps that’s the case here too.

I know, I know, two rejections are no big deal and that doesn’t mean my work is terrible, I’m a bad artist or that it won’t fit into something else in the future. I guess I was just hoping this would be my little moment in the spotlight. I wanted just a little sign that maybe I had a grain of talent. I’m not fishing for sympathy or compliments from any readers either! This is just a moment I’ll have being sad and I’ll get over it.

I know my work is good because I work hard to make it that way. I also know the world is full of talented people who never step into the spotlight. Winning awards and being published in books is not an indication of talent. Some people are one-hit wonders and never do anything else. Others go on to great things. Art is subjective and I think I’m now officially rambling!

So it’s over. No more waiting to hear if I was accepted or not. The next step is to get my butt into the studio and make something bigger and better. Let the next publication have a crack at it!


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2 responses to “Recognition and Disappointment

  1. Want me to send Ron Swanson over to have a chat with them? 🙂

  2. nancy b

    You aren’t one to fish for compliments – but you get them from me, and from those seeing me wear your pieces, all the time (especially the Asian one you made for RHN!)… You are very talented, and your work is so unique. I need to come see you again and add a couple more pieces to my Red Bee Designs collection. You rock!

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