Memory Lane

Steve and I have been devoting some time this new year to purging unwanted crap stuff from the house. While most of the things we have in the house are items we love and enjoy, we knew there was an attic filled with stuff we hadn’t looked at or used since we moved three years ago. Saturday we devoted the day to working in the attic.

Despite the low ceiling, which meant we were sitting most of the time, and the cold, we had fun unearthing stuff we hadn’t seen in a while. While most of it was garage sale material, we did find some real treasures which made the afternoon fun. Steve found a box full of photos and his uniform from the Navy, along with some possibly valuable baseball cards and a mug with his high school crest on it. I found this:















This photo is from a Drury College (as it was then) Admissions catalog. I believe this is the fall of 1985, but it might have been the spring of 1986. I was dating the guy pictured, Steve W., and he worked in the Admissions office. They needed some Drury students to pose for their upcoming catalog so he asked me to be a part of it. I think it’s the happiest I ever looked in college! Ok, so the nerd part is that I can tell you the details of my “fabulous” outfit. The shirt was a peach cotton shirt from The Limited and I adored it. I wore it until it faded and fell apart long after college. The shorts are Liz Claiborne shorts my Grammie bought me on a shopping trip in Columbia. Yes, I was stylin’ in those days.

I also found my letter to the Pi Beta Phi sorority I wrote  in 1987 asking to be excused from several absences and permission to go on alumni status for my senior year. Many of you who know me personally know that I was not excused from those absences and was kicked out of the organization. Reading the letter made me want to go back to my 20 year-old self and tell her to lighten up! I was so sad and angry then, mainly because my parents were getting a divorce and I didn’t know how to process the whole thing. Oh well, I survived and learned quite quickly who my real friends were in those days.

The attic is clean and organized, the garage sale stuff is in several bins, I have things of value I’m going to put on eBay and some nice vintage stuff I’m going to try and sell to a local antique store. The best part is that Steve and I worked together, had fun and are getting rid of the clutter!


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5 responses to “Memory Lane

  1. Suzanne

    I was cleaning out my mother’s basement this same weekend. Eye-opening to see what constitutes “value” from another person’s perspective.

  2. I wish they would have kicked me out of Sigma Nus. Most worthless bigoted time i spent in college. Dont auction off my song words. send them back if you dont want them…Dad

  3. Vicki

    Hey there. What fun! I found a photo I thought you would love. Or should I dare say shoes you would love. Check it out. It’s the Chanel shoes with the bows. I can just see you “working it”. Good to check in with you once in a while. Love, Vicki

  4. Vicki

    FYI. It’s the post for January 4, 2011. Although the entire site is one you will want to bookmark.

  5. Rhonda Werdeman

    Tammy–I spotted your awesome self in 417 in one of the ads! You’re too cute! I also spotted a couple pair of earrings on your site that I dearly love!!

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