I’ve been busy, but not productive over the last few weeks so I haven’t written. I’ve thought about a post or two, but haven’t taken the time or the effort to gather my thoughts and put them together. So here’s what I’ve been doing while I was gone:

Steve had a meeting in St. Louis a couple of weeks ago and I tagged along so I could spend time with my college roommate, Suzanne. Although she had to work, we still managed to spend a lot of time together. As usual, time together included a trip to Sephora where we played with all sorts of fun, colorful things and a trip to Ulta for nail polish. Suzanne is one of my only friends who agrees that a great time can be had with a bottle of nail polish and a bottle of wine. By the time I was ready to leave, my toes were a lovely shade of turquoise and her nails were a vibrant orange. Alas, three days is never enough time together but it was a great trip. I even scored a terrific orange ball lamp at a local flea market for under $20. Yay!

Last weekend was another trip as we made our annual Memorial Day drive to Des Moines to see the World’s Cutest Children aka our nieces. As always, they delighted us with their antics and enthusiasm. The weekend included an early celebration of Steve’s birthday and the girls were more than happy to decorate the back porch with an Avengers theme and indulge in birthday cupcakes. One of the highlights of the weekend was entertainment provided by Lydia. Ralph, the girls and I had gone to the bakery to get cupcakes and it had started to sprinkle while we were inside. As we were leaving, Lydia raced down the stairs into the rain and started singing, “It’s Raining Men.” I was cracking up and asked Ralph how she knew the song. Ralph had no idea but guessed it must have been on their dance video game. Too funny.

Tomorrow is Steve’s birthday and we’re celebrating by having dinner with his parents. I thought he might want dinner out, but he said smoked ribs sounded the best to him and I couldn’t argue. Pete knows how to make terrific ribs so it will be a treat for us both.

See? I told you I haven’t been doing much!

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