The Music (Wo)man

Growing up, our house was always full of music, whether it was playing LPs on the stereo or listening to my dad strum the guitar. With all that music, it’s no wonder I developed a love for it. I originally started playing the piano when I was 6, but didn’t have the dedication for practicing so my parents decided not to waste money on lessons until I was older. I played the violin for a couple of years before convincing my mom I was ready for the piano again. This time I loved it.

I played piano for several years before I started singing more seriously and taking voice lessons. The time and effort paid off as I was offered a small scholarship to Drury University to sing. After my senior year of high school, I left piano behind and devoted the next four years to singing. I have so many fond memories of my musical years at college.

Fast forward to now. Most of the singing I do is in the car and I haven’t touched a piano in a decade or more. Last fall I was visiting my dad and played a little on their keyboard, but I haven’t sat down and played a real song in ages. Just that little exposure last year made me realize how much I miss creating music.

I’ve been talking to my dad about buying a keyboard since we don’t have room for a full-size piano, but I keep dragging my feet. I’ve been micromanaging the purchasing process telling myself I shouldn’t spend the money on an instrument because I’m not even sure if I can play any more. Besides, I’m sure I’m not any good. I relayed my thoughts to my dad and he had this bit of wisdom for me: “A musical instrument is as good as a therapist.” Wow. I never thought of it that way, but he’s right. I remember sitting down at the piano for hours just to relax and challenge my brain. It was so therapeutic.

I’m still searching for a keyboard and have a couple of leads. One friend has a used one I’m hoping is affordable, otherwise, I’ll save my money for a new one. In the meantime, you can see me driving around town singing in my car!

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