Missing the Target

I used to love to shop at Target. Each visit was like an adventure where I never knew what exciting things I would unearth. Sure, I’d get my toiletries and such, but I’d often find interesting  items to add to my cart. Sadly, that is not the case any more.

I’ve noticed a decline in Target’s quality over the past couple of years, but this season has really been obvious. Do you remember the first designer collaboration Target did? I believe it was with Isaac Mizrahi in 2002. I remember the collections well. They were well made and designed, priced reasonably, and had a quality feel to them. Matter of fact, I still own the black satin tuxedo I bought from the collection and I love it. The collaboration was a huge success and Mr. Mizrahi and Target made millions. It was short-lived (only 6 years) but had such impact that designers were drooling to team up with Target to create something special.

Remember last December’s collaboration with Neiman-Marcus? A colossal failure and a clue to Target’s future. These designer collabs have gotten splashier but the quality and design has suffered immensely. Most of the items from the N-M collection ended up on deep discount where they gathered dust until being shipped off to the nearest Goodwill. Let’s face it, Oscar de la Renta designs fabulous evening gowns, not dog bowls. And people who shop N-M most likely don’t want to buy knock-offs at Target (if they go to Target at all).

The latest disasters I’ve seen involve the Vera scarves collection (cheap polyester at ridiculous prices), anything with the name Nate Berkus, and the Feed campaign. Sadly, none of the designs are interesting (where are you Michael Graves?!) and the quality is substandard. What’s really telling is that the basic tanks and tees I used to buy at Target, I now get at Old Navy. Not only are they cheaper, but they are better looking.

Unless I want to go to Walmart (which I don’t), I’ll have to return to Target for my household basics, but I’m looking for alternatives. If I can get laundry detergent, paper towels, kitchen cleaner and such anywhere cheaper besides Walmart, I’m going to. Target, clean up your act and I’ll reconsider. In the meantime, anyone know where the nearest Costco is?!


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2 responses to “Missing the Target

  1. come up and visit me in The Lou- I have a CostCo card! It ROCKS!

  2. Suzanne

    Bunny shops at my Costco — could be a wonderful rendezvous point….

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