Fall Fashions 2013

I had a request recently to post the top trends for fall, so I thought I’d comply. I must say fall is my favorite season for fashion so it’s no surprise that my closets are full of clothing better suited for cooler weather. Every year I have to remind myself that I don’t need another black jacket or pair of dark denim jeans. This year I’m really trying to stick to my guns and add things that are special. So here’s what you can expect to see in the fashion world this season:

1. Menswear. Tailored, crisp fashions are leading the way this fall. Everything is “borrowed from the boys” or “menswear-inspired.” Expect to see plaid pants (which I will be purchasing), wingtip shoes, tasseled shoes, loafers, oxfords (both in shirts and shoes), pinstripes, blazers with crests – you get the picture. Not a fan? Try the trend by switching out your ballet flats for loafers or add a ruffled blouse to a tailored jacket. The idea is to keep it feminine. Personally, this is my favorite look. I’m all for a bit of preppy style.

2. Leather. Choose real or faux, but make sure you have something with leather this season. This is the perfect time to invest in a moto jacket or a blazer with leather trim. Skirts, leggings, pants, tops, tees, sweaters, everything will have touches of leather this year. I have ordered a long black wool jacket with leather trim for the season and expect to wear the heck out of it. I also have a perforated leather coat that will get lots of wear. When it comes to leather, buy the best you can afford and keep the look classic, that way you will get the most wear out of it. From what I’ve seen from NYFW (that’s NY Fashion Week), leather is going into spring as well.

3. Mixed materials. Forget simple sweaters and coats, this year it’s all about mixing materials. The most popular way to do that is with sleeves of contrasting materials. Think a denim jacket with leather sleeves or a knit sweater with plaid sleeves. Too trendy for you? Look for pieces with smaller contrasts like pockets or cuffs.

4. Plaid. Plaid is big this fall and I’m loving it. I guess the 80s prepster in me never died because I feel like I’m back in high school again with all the plaid I’m seeing. I think the most current way to wear plaid is in skinny ankle pants, which is what I’m looking for now. Toughen up the look by adding zippers or leather to your plaid.

5. Emerald and Wine. Remember the 80s when forest green and wine were huge? Well, they’re back, but more saturated. Think a deep green that’s almost black or a wine with a metallic sheen. These colors look most current when worn in a monochromatic way. Don’t mix them together unless it’s a plaid!

6. Black and gold. Silver jewelry is taking a backseat to gold this season and I’m actually glad. The combination of black and gold looks very warm as the weather cools. Gold isn’t just for jewelry either. Many black pieces have gold accents or embellishments on them. Faux gold jewelry in chunky or delicate styles are perfect to pair with simple black.

7. Brocade. Not a fan of plaid? Think about adding a brocade piece to your closet. Black and gold brocade looks rich and expensive, even in bargain pieces. Keep the look modern by pairing your brocade with solid pieces and letting it be the focus of your look. Black and white brocade is everywhere as well. Speaking of black and white…

8. Graphic prints. Another great print of the season is the black and white graphic print. Expect to see modern, geometric prints in high-contrast combinations. Black and white is the most common, but don’t discount black and red, black and cobalt, or black and tan.

9. Cobalt. Cobalt blue is a great way to add color to a neutral, boring closet. I love it with black, charcoal, navy, and even white. It’s one of those colors that looks good on almost everyone. If you’re feeling adventurous, invest in cobalt blue pants. I bet you wear them more than you’ll realize.

10. Updated sportswear. Sweaters with sweatshirt styling (think dolman sleeves) are huge this season, but keep the look a little fitted so you don’t look sloppy. Love your sweat pants? Try a pair of slightly flowy pants with elastic hems. If that doesn’t suit your body type, think about an updated “sweatshirt” in silk or rayon. A bomber jacket with contrasting colored sleeves is also a great choice in place of a blazer or jean jacket.

When it comes to shoes and boots, almost anything goes. A short moto-inspired boot is probably one of the most current trends right now, but riding boots and booties are big too. Bottom line: pick what’s best for your personality and body type and have fun! Now all we need to do is get Mother Nature to cooperate and give us some cooler weather!

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    I needed this. Thank you, Tammy! I might actually print it out and take it shopping with me, this season!


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