I'm So Tired

I’m exhausted. In typical “Tammy Fashion” I’m working myself into a lather trying to get ready to leave for Arrowmont. Of course, I must cram everything possible into my one week at home so I can maximize my stress. Today’s list consists of getting slides ready to send to Best of MO Hands and an art fair in St. Louis. I think the art fair application is due on April 1 so it must get in the mail this week. I’m also stressing (as usual) about product inventory. I had an appointment at Waverly House today and they bought a bunch of my latest line, “Mod Circles” (pictures to come). So now I’m feeling the pressure to produce. I know, I know, this is what my studio assistant is for. But she was at Arrowmont last week and won’t be here until Thursday. Plus, I’ll be gone next week so I’ll have to make sure she has enough work to do. Maybe this is why I keep my boring day job and don’t pursue the jewelry business. I may have the artistic talent, but I don’t think I have the business sense. Anyone want to volunteer to take over?!

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