Nu Shuz

Ok, not technically a song title, but what a great name for a band from the 80s. Today I’m enjoying my new Puma sneakers I’m calling my “Arrowmont Shoes.” I like to commemorate important events with new footwear. I had found a pair in Des Moines, but didn’t get back to Von Maur to purchase them. While out and about last night I stopped by Dillard’s to run through the 75% off racks again. I didn’t find anything exciting, but I did get these groovy new sneaks. They are khaki and tan, but the coolest thing about them is the oversized puma in khaki patent running down either side. So retro! Yes, mom and Suzanne, I know quitting my job would be easier if I didn’t spend money on so many shoes. And yes, I do have other sneakers so don’t waste your time posting the obvious. I still love them and I’ve worn them already so they’re mine now. I just got the feeling that last line sounded like something a kid would say. Oh well, I guess I am somewhat immature.

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