It's a Mistake

This afternoon has been one frustration after another. First, I decided to take my spring-loaded clasp to another level by adding decorative holes in it. Ok, so far so good. Then I wanted to place the curved clasp on the edge of the square instead of on the side. That presented a new set of engineering problems, but I finally got it done. So far everything I’ve made looks like a beginning student. I swear, these people are never going to believe I actually get paid for anything I make! When things got too bad this afternoon I left to get a Diet Coke. However, the machine was out of DC but took my dollar anyway. I got a refund at the bookstore, but had to get a 12 oz drink instead of 20 oz which is what I needed. I went outside, took in some air and went back to finish up. Tonight will be long as I plan to prep my cast piece so I can start working on the production of it tomorrow. I wish someone would go to Hard Rock with me and get a beer!

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