Jukebox Hero

Really great metalsmiths are like rock stars. Everyone knows their work, the skills they possess are mysterious and strange, and it’s hard to imagine they have a normal life. I made a comment yesterday in class linking metalsmith greats to rock stars so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered my class instructor was a rock star in the 1960s. Yes, Christopher Darway, metalsmith genius, was a member of the group The Critters in the 1960s. Last night several of us went to Hard Rock Cafe Gatlinburg (a serious oxymoron) and Chris told us a bit about his rock star past. I thought he was cool the first day, but now I’m a certified Darway Groupie. I doubt I’ll hit the road in a van following him from workshop to workshop, but I imagine I’ll be taking another workshop with him in the future.

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