You've Got a Friend

The best part of Arrowmont is the people. Everyone is so laid-back and friendly. My class has 8 people in it which is a good amount. Naturally, when you work closely with people for long periods of time, you get to know them. Terri, who’s bench is next to mine, is a wonderful person. She’s quiet and methotical when she works, but always willing to give encouragement and advice if it’s needed. Especially when I was struggling with tube rivets! Plus, she has great tools she’s willing to let me try. Jim sits across from me and is from Athens, GA (home of REM and B-52’s). He looks like Stanley Tucci. He’s easy-going, funny and really nice. He owns a retail business that sells educational toys and he does enamel work. He also has the U2 iPod full of some great Alison Krauss and Nancy Griffith. Thanks to Jim and Whit, we’re full of music. Whit is a recently retired dentist who has some cool dental tools he uses for metal work. While he’s a quiet member of the group, chatting with him at breaks is always nice. He’s just a great guy. Nona is the tool lady. I have never seen anyone who has so many tools. She doesn’t always know what they’re for, but there’s a good chance she has it. She also must spend every free moment reading books and articles on metals because she knows just about everything! Lauren and Louis are the younger people in the group and their benches are at the other end. I know Lauren from MSU and she’s a hoot. She’s been here three weeks as a resident and seems to be enjoying herself. Louis is very quiet, but does great piercing work. Debbie is another quiet person who’s bench is across from Whit at the end. She joined us last night at Hard Rock and we chatted a bit (well, as much as possible over the bad, loud music). She’s really nice too. Just a great group of people.

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