The Auctioneer

Steve and I are currently participating in an auction taking place across the street. Mr. Stowe had to leave his house for a rest home and everything is being auctioned. So far, it’s been really fun. Here’s what we have: A tall, white enamel cabinet; two anvils; a really cool old tool box; a micrometer; a great table-top fan; an industrial light; two retro tape measures; a face shield (for etching); a hot plate (for etching); and an old lunch box with plaid thermos. All for less than $100. However, the really cool item is the old Columbia Firebolt bicycle Steve got for $45. Except for some rust on the chrome and cracked tires, it’s in great shape. He’s planning to fix it up and actually ride it this summer.

Update: The auction is over and, luckily, we stayed under $200. Turns out the bike Steve bought garnered rave reviews from a local bike shop. It’s apparently very collectible and these guys are going to get it back into great shape and save all the original parts in case we ever sell it. I got the cutest small box fan, a revolving tool stand from Newberry’s Department Store, a terrific Cosco stool, a standing light, a weird wool blanket I couldn’t pass up for $3, a retro Christmas tablecloth, and some 8-tracks in a carrying case for my brother-in-law. While I didn’t plan on spending my entire day across the street at an auction, I really enjoyed myself and everyone was very nice. I’ve already moved the enamel cabinet to my studio and it was worth every penny of the $12 it cost me. I love it!

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