Runway Runaway

I survived the fashion show today. It was actually pretty fun except for the waiting. The MC was recovering from surgery and probably shouldn’t have commited to the event. She was very nice, but I’m wondering what pain pills she was on because she just went on and on and on about the first few models. When we got to the last few (I was one of them) she breezed through. That’s ok with me because I was getting tired. Plus, we had to fill out this stupid sheet describing ourselves in three words and telling which time in our life we’d like to relive. Ick! I hate those things. I couldn’t remember what I wrote about the reliving, but I knew it wasn’t anything deep like the birth of my children (I have none) or a last talk with my grandmother. Sure enough, I wrote something lame about reliving college so I could change my major. Bleah! Everyone else wanted to relive the birth of their children. Oh well, I figure nobody was listening by the time they got to me anyway.

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