Turning Japanese

The last time Steve and I tried sushi we did it take-out style. That’s because our favorite sushi haunt has turned into the land of the pretty people. For some reason, customers and staff alike at Haruno seem to think they’re better than every one else. We’ve overlooked this because they had darned good food and their sushi is consistently wonderful. However, the weekend of the finger cutting incident was the last straw. We ordered our food to go and when we picked it up we were practically sneered at by the row of people waiting for their food. Perhaps they were upset because we’d thought to order ahead, but for us it was the icing on the cake. To quote Heidi Klum from Project Runway, “I’m sorry, but you’re out.” The dilemma was now where to get good sushi at a reasonable price in a good atmosphere. Enter Umi Sushi. This new place recently opened on Battlefield and I attended a ribbon-cutting event there. Last Friday night Steve, Duane, Prudy and I all decided to give it a go and Umi did not disappoint. First, the atmosphere was relaxed and quiet, second, the staff was accomodating and friendly, third the food was delicious. We all ordered different rolls so we could share and all were good. Steve, however, got the real treat of the evening. He ordered the fatty tuna and it was buttery and tender. While I’m not a huge fan of raw fish, even I had to appreciate and enjoy the tiny bite he gave me. Three hours, two beers and one late diner (Duane) later, we all declared Umi to be a hit. I can see we’ll be returning soon.

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