She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

Today Steve promised me we’d do some work around the house. The original plan was to work on the basement and gather stuff to be donated, but we hit a detour on the “home project” road. While reading the Sunday paper, Steve mentioned his t-shirts were on sale at Target. Yes, this is an example of the the stimulating conversations that occur after 10 years of marriage. Anyhoo, we decided to make a Target run before it got busy. I mentioned I wanted to go to Lowe’s and get some mole killer (another riveting conversation from the morning) so we ventured over there after Target. Recently, we’d noticed our bathroom sink had a crack in it that was getting larger so we stopped to look at new sinks. Lowe’s had one on sale that was exactly the one we wanted. We ditched our earlier basement project and decided to install a new bathroom sink. Steve promised the job would be done in about an hour and a half; just in time for lunch. Well, those were famous last words. The geniuses who installed the last sink bolted it to the wall (which is standard), but tightened the screw so tight Steve couldn’t get it undone. Several attempts later, it finally gave and came out. After about an hour and a half, we decided to break for lunch. The sink went outside by the curb (we’re so white trash!) and Steve was thinking a break would be perfect. After lunch, we had to stop again for a trip to Osco for plumbing tape and silicone, then we headed toward the home stretch. Yes, it took twice as long as anticipated and we didn’t do any other projects, but it’s so beautiful! Who knew a sink could be so wonderful? Again, this is an example of the special times married couples share after being together for so long. Still, it’s nice to get home projects done and the sink is quite lovely. Now, if anyone is looking for a porcelain sink with a crack in it and a matching pedestal, just stop by our house and feel free to take it from the curb.

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